i tried to resist jumping on to the 50 shades bandwagon.
i really did.
but when i went the other month to get my brows did, the ladies there were all up in a tizzy about the book.  so i promised i’d go read it to see what all the hoopla was about.

this is one hot & steamy book!  i had to take a break because i went to san diego and didn’t really want to be reading it on the plane. so i read divergent. then i took a break because i didn’t know if i should dive into insurgent (the book after divergent—good series btw) or plunge back into the hot & sexy world of christian grey.   i took a few weeks and decided hot & sexy it is!

i just finished it, and have started on the second book…50 shades darker.

but i can’t help but try to cast him in my head. i know everyone has their opinion, and i know who my 2 front-runners are…but i know it probably will not be either of them…and i will be baffled by their decision like i was when they casted r-patz as edward cullen (i was not picturing a guy like that as edward when i read the book).  and how they make a movie from this book without a NC-17 rating is beyond me.

visually, i imagine him to look like Matt Bomer


but i know a lot of people are rooting for Ian Smolderhalder Somerhalder:


which of course i wouldn’t mind that either. i mean come on, he’s damon salvatore—it’s like the PG-13 rated christian grey. sortof…kind of…

what do you think? have you read the book(s)?


  1. squigglefloey says:

    Being a journalism major I should probably be on top of new literature, but I haven’t picked up those books at all! I seriously don’t even know the general story line…haha. I’m guessing you wouldn’t recommend them?

    • oh…hmm…i think these books are you love them or hate them. i actually really love them. it may be a little to raunchy for some. lol. i just started the 2nd book and there seems to be a little more “story” and less “sex” lol.

  2. is the writing in fifty shades better than twilight? i thought twilight sucked. what’s divergent?

    • i think it seems pretty similar. conversational. i dunno.
      twilight never bothered me. lol.

      divergent is kinda like the hungergames…sorta…it’s pretty good! i stopped to go back to the fifty shades series because all books are out. the last book for the divergent series hasn’t come out yet so i’m stalling reading the second one cause i hate waiting! lol.

  3. There’s already a second book?! I’ll be jumping on the 50 Shades bandwagon too as soon as i finish my current and next book. (I’m reading “The Lovely Bones” right now. Yep, really behind here! And will be reading “Southern Charm” afterwards b/c I’m way curious. :P)

  4. Jewelnumkki says:

    I haven’t read it, but now I’m interested. Haha. Although I don’t have the attention span to be reading books lately. Maybe I’ll get into divergent too. I love hunger games!

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