i thought i would share some celebratory happenings that have been going on lately….

1.  what do you do when your friend is having twins, but she’s an ocean away? you send her a baby shower by mail!

we all met up one weekend to wrap gifts, decorate the box, and make a tiny diaper cake to send to cece who is in california expecting twins:)  just because you’re far away, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in a unique way!  we filled 2 large flat rate boxes with gifts and tried to make it as fun and festive as possible!  WE LOVE YOU CECE!


2. it was kri’s birthday last month…we haven’t had a chance to “officially” celebrate her birthday, but a cake during some gift wrapping will hold us over until her very belated birthday dinner!


can i just say that liliha bakery’s cake “decorating” skills have gone severely downhill?!?  but i have to say that i saw the PRETTIEST cake at whole foods the other week. i wanted to buy it so badly, but at the time, i had no reason to buy a cake. i imagine to would cost a pretty penny, as everything does at whole foods, but i still keep thinking about that cake! i wish i took a picture of it.


3. speaking of celebrations…the holiday season is upon us! i’ve been plotting and planning for months. i don’t want to be scrambling around like a crazy person the week of christmas trying to still buy gifts. i’m starting uber early this year!!!


have you started planning for the holidays?



  1. i’ve started xmas shopping too and i’m so over it already! i hate toys r us!!

  2. Jewelnumkki says:

    I had so much fun opening my baby shower packages too! And the video of you girls putting the diaper cake together was hilarious. Thank you!

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