first wedding of 2013

This past weekend we stayed at the Hale Koa….in preparation for Jamaal & Candace’s wedding!!!

wedding cake

wedding cake

Nolan was a groomsman, and he actually said he had a really good time, which is a surprising comment coming from nolan when it concerns weddings.

due to the heavy scattered showers and high winds advisory, the groom took a “better safe than sorry” stance and agreed to move the wedding ceremony indoors to a covered lanai area adjacent to the reception hall.



bride & groom

bride & groom

i was happy to sit on the same table as the next bride and groom:

kylie & elliott

kylie & elliott

they’re getting hitched in june!

and of course, we’re the old married couple now. hahaha.



and i had to show the thumbprint tree and their engagement picture canvas:


such cute ideas!!!:)

Congratulations Jamaal & Candace! it was a great wedding, we had a great time!:)




  1. i like your dress! yay for patterns!

  2. Yay! It was nice sitting next to you:) I can’t believe we have only 5 more months to go! Now I’m beginning to stress. But happy the day is finally coming.

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